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Revolutionary Robotic Automation that works interactively with co-workers!
Pack Pattern - (1) All Necks up (2) All Necks Down
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Touch screen HMI with job data recall
  • Quick change over
  • Reliable PLC Control System
  • Complies with safety standards
  • Easy teach system
  • Automatic Slip Sheet or Tray pick and place mechanism
  • Unit on Castors
  • Need minimal Training for the operator to set-up/operate
Proco’s newest innovation blends this revolutionary, human like robotic system together with Proco’s industry leading like robotic system together with Proco’s industry leading expertise in the Packaging and Manufacturing Industries.The Robo Packer is ideally suited for the Molding and Manufacturing Industry and can be easily and quickly adapted to a variety of packaging and repetitive manufacturing situations working alongside existing workers or working independently.

Teach New Tasks

Proco Robo Packer does not require highly skilled workers or engineers to teach it new tasks. The system is designed to be set up and trained by your existing set up or maintenance staff with minimum initial training. Alternatively you can contact Proco to learn about our off site Plug and Play teaching service