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No Product, No Flame Feature, Cuts Costs

Most flame treaters run continuously, although it takes only a fraction of a second to flame treat each container.

All Proco Flame Treaters are equipped with automatic ignition controls that ignite the flame only when required. This results in huge energy savings which will directly result in lower operating costs. In addition to the automatic ignition, Proco Flame Treaters have built in safety features. Electronic sensors monitor the flow of containers in and out of the flame area. In the event of a jam, the flamer stops and an alarm sounds to alert plant personnel of the problem.

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Product Features

Energy Saving
Automatic controls ignite the flame only when required, saving energy and reducing excess heat in the work area.

Built in Safety
Electronic sensors shut off the machine and sound an alarm if the product becomes jammed in the flame area, travels too slowly through the flame or gets backed up due to a downstream jam.

Surface Quality
The combustion system has been carefully engineered to provide maximum flame control and efficiency. This provides optimum surface quality for decorating or labeling applications.

Automatic Operation
Once set up, the burners switch on and off automatically. Operator attention is required only in the event of an alarm.

The units are fitted with wheels and can be moved easily to new locations in your plant.

Reliable Quality Construction
All components are designed for robustness and reliability to reduce service and minimize down time.

Conveyor Options
The standard model is supplied with a conveyor, normally 4” wide x 54” long. It comes equipped with adjustable guide rails and a variable speed motor. Other conveyor options are available, including features to rotate round or square containers for full surface treatment

Wide Product Range
The Proco Flame Treater is versatile and can be adapted to cover a wide range of products. Optional features can accommodate just about any situation. Models are available to handle containers as large as 45 gallon drums.

Flexible adjustments make Proco Flame Treaters extremely versatile. The burners can be adjusted in height and width. Angular adjustments can be made for irregular or tapered containers.

Proco Flame Treaters feature durable cast bronze ribbon burners. These rugged industrial burners give maximum flame control, provide flame length adjustment and have replaceable burner inserts

The height can be adjusted simply and easily via the hand wheel located on top of the main column. The burner assemblies, combustion controls and conveyor are all mounted to a common support structure, so they all move together when the height is adjusted, avoiding stretching or pinching of pipes or wires.

Double Walled Guards
Double walled guards in the flame area provide protection for personnel working around the equipment. The outer perforated surface remains cool during normal production and does not present a hazard if accidentally touched.