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Designed to improve efficiency and reduce labor
Options: (1) Vision System, (2) Bar Code reader and (3) Divider insert
Three types pack pattern - (1) All Necks Up (2) All Necks Down (3) Alternative Row of necks up and necks down
  • Quick tooling change over
  • Portability makes the Pakman unique in the industry
  • Touch screen set-up with job data recall
  • Compact, space saving
  • Integrated with Provac conveyor
  • Reliable PLC Control System
  • Line speed up to 200 bottles per minute
  • Safety guards are fitted with industrial standard safety switches
  • Integrators for Motoman Robot.
  • Complies with all safety standards
  • Automatic Divider insert in between the rows
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The Pakman Robot Packaging System incorporates superior engineering with the latest Robotic Technology to reduce costs and to provide a competitive edge to our customers! Proco with 35 years of Automation technology offers unparalleled superior advantage to customers in terms of excellent product design and innovative tooling design to maximize the bottles packed inside the box.

Proco has partnered with Motoman Robots to offer exceptional parts/service support through their world-wide customer support system.

Proco offers one-stop-shop solution with Robot packaging system for custom blow molding industry, food packaging industry, dairy industry, process industry etc.