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Flexible Palletizing Packaging System: Slip Sheets - Top Frame - Trays - Gaylord
Pack Pattern - (1) All Necks Up (2) All Necks Down
  • Line speed more than 200 BPM
  • Touch screen set-up with job data recall
  • Dual Collating technology
  • Reliable PLC Control System
  • Safety guards are fitted with industrial standard safety switches
  • Complies with all safety standards
  • Flexible to suit any Pallet Size
  • Automatic Pallet infeed and exit conveyor
  • Trays- Slip Sheets - Top Frame
  • Optional - Gaylord Packaging
The Proco Robotic Palletizer is a fully automatic Palletizer system with automatic Pallet Feed Magazine, Automatic Slip sheet Magazine, Automatic Tray Magazine and Automatic Pallet infeed and exit conveyors.

The system is highly versatile and will work for multiple containers size and different pak pattern. It can store job recipe and can be recalled any time. Full Pallet or Half Pallet can be palletized. The Robotic system can be configured to do Tray Packer, Gaylord Packer or box-packer.