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Line speed up to 80 Spouts per minute -
Automatic Single Spout and Dual Spout Insertion simultaneously
  • PLC based Touch screen panel
  • Flexible Tooling
  • Job Data recall
  • Efficient user friendly controls
  • Quick release mounting brackets
  • Unit on castors
  • Spout oriented linear track accumulation back up
  • Automatic feeder bowl start and stop
  • Auto feed hopper
The Spout Insertion Machine will consist of a Hopper feed conveyor, a Spout orientation system and a Single or Dual Spout Insertion Mechanism. The spout orientation system will orient and feed the spouts into a location above the container conveyor.

As the containers travel along the conveyor they will be accurately located beneath the oriented spouts. A mechanism at station one will deposit one spout in each container. A second mechanism at station-two will press the spouts firmly into place. The system will be controlled by a PLC with simple operator controls for easy set up and operation.