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  • Highly efficient system works as both pick n place mechanism and container orientation mechanism
  • Easy PLC controls
  • Robust suction/vacuum cup for pick up
  • Auto Cycle and Manual mode selection switch
  • Less Set-up Time
  • Handling multiple containers shapes and sizes
  • With optional Integrated Proco Automatic Deflasher/ Trimmer
  • Inbuilt quick change tooling for Trimmer
Proco Uniloy Pick n Place mechanism is designed to pick the bottles with flash from the Uniloy Cooling bed and through a positive pick and place transfer system.

The Pick n Place system will place the bottles on either existing bucket conveyor or orient the bottle vertically (necks-up) places the bottles with flash on the conveyor/secondary transfer mechanism for Deflash operation.

Proco Automatic Deflasher can be integrated to the Pick n Place mechanism for removing the flash from the container.