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About Us

About Our Company

Proco Machinery has been supplying Automated Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment to the Packaging Industry for nearly forty years providing labor-saving automated machinery and equipment throughout the United States and Canada.

Over the past 40 years, we have developed an immense expertise in the handling different container shape and sizes, providing custom automation solution to fit plant needs.

Some of our exciting developments include Fully Automated Proco MultipakPackaging System for Palletizing containers, with Pallet Feed Magazine and Pallet In-feed and Exit Chain Conveyors, Proco Robopak Case-Packer packaging system with Single Station and Dual Station for Layer and Tumble Pack.

Our new generation Case-Packaging System fitted with HC-10 and HC-20 Collaborative Robot from Yaskawa takes the packaging to next level in term of efficiency and performance of the unit. The system is modular and on castors.

We have also upgraded our Palletizer line offering three models from basic to fully automated line with Slip sheet and Top frame, or with Trays. These systems are easy to integrate, extremely user-friendly and provide a greater flexibility in operation.

Proco equipment is intended to help packaging manufactures improve the efficiency of their production and the quality of their product. By partnering with companies on a long-term basis, Proco has been successful in providing innovative solutions to industry problems, helping customers to reduce labor costs and become more competitive.

Message from President

John McCormick

John McCormick

Today PROCO has developed into a leading manufacturer of Automation for the Custom Bottling and Packaging Industry backed by more than 40 years of proven in-house design and manufacturing excellence.

Proco Machinery Inc. was incorporated to build special equipment for the Plastic Industry. We launched our first Proco Unloader for Shuttle blow molding in the year 1982 and progressed from there to our current position offering a broad number of solutions in both automation and packaging.

Over the last 40 plus years,Proco has grown from strength to strength, we have added a wide range of products and emphasis has always been on Innovation. We have mastered the art of Take-Out systems for blow molding machines and have the most advance patented systems in the industry. Since its inception in 1995 Proco has supplied more than 450Robopik systems to U.S., Canadian and International customers.

Proco continuously strives to find new innovative solutions to reduce our customer's manufacturing costs and increase their efficiency.

Proco's vision is to provide complete end-of-the-line solution for the Blow Molding and Packaging Industries. We started working in that direction nearly 30 years ago and developed our first Proco Robopak Case-Packers in the year 1995 to layer pack empty bottles inside the box. Since than we have progressed and expanded our packaging technology utilizing six axis articulated robotic systems to provide the flexibility and offer a wide range of packaging solutions for different applications.

The other interesting product addition to Proco family was Proco Multipak Packaging System developed and launched in the year 2006. The advantage of the Multipak system is that it is extremely versatile. Multipak is the only packaging system available that can be configured as a Palletizer, a Tray Packer, a Box Packer or a Gay Lord Packer depending on the customer's packaging requirements.

The industries response to the Multipak since its initial introduction has been overwhelming. It is one of many advanced technological innovation Proco has made in recent years and took several years of development by our engineering staff.

Proco Machinery manufactures a complete line of Robotic Take-out systems, Deflashers, Leak Testers (up to Six Heads), Flame Treaters, Dome Spin Trimmers, Robotic Packaging Systems (Case Packers), Robotic Palletizers as well as the Multipak Packaging System, bagging machines and versatile packaging systems.

We have a highly experienced Design Team utilizing the latest 3D software and our machine shop is equipped with all the latest advanced CNC machines for manufacturing the parts to the highest precision and quality. This is in line with our philosophy to provide highest level of quality customer service. We have experienced and dedicated Service Team and a comprehensive Inventory/Store of Proco Parts and usually ships with in 24/48 hours upon request.

I suggest putting Proco to work for you. This can only result in more efficiency, lower labour costs and most importantly, greater profitability within your operation.