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Take-Out System For Aoki

Take-Out System for Aoki

Simplicity of Operation - Quick and Easy Setup

  • For both Single Row and Dual Row Aoki Machine
  • Handles wide range of Containers
  • Easily keeps pace with Molding Machine Cycle
  • PLC based Control panel
  • Job data storage for easy recall
  • Easy user friendly menu system

Proco Aoki Take-out system is the most advanced and efficient solution for removing the containers from Aoki Machine.

The Proco Take-Out system will remove the containers from the molding machine and deposit them oriented onto Integral Vacuum Conveyor.

The Vacuum Conveyor will index the containers from the Take-Out System to the Proco Transfer Conveyor which will convey them downstream for future operations such as the Proco Leaktester where they will be checked for leaks before packing.

Proco has installed hundreds of Take-Out systems for different Injection blow machines and huge expertise and technical knowledge to undertake project.

PROCO TAKE-OUT FOR Aoki – Single Row Machine
SB Series and AL series