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Automatic Deflasher/Trimmer


From small container to 5-gallon large container

Automatic Deflasher System includes -

  • Enhanced Deflash Technology
  • Heavy Duty Deflasher Cylinder
  • Inbuilt Scrap conveyo
  • Inbuilt Tail Detabber
  • Inbuilt Shoulder and Top flash remova
  • New upgraded PLC controls
  • Large HMI
  • Kwick change tooling changeovers


  • Faster cycle time with Servo upgrade
  • Inline Leak Tester

Proco’s Automatic Deflasher and Pneutrim-Plus Deflasher provide a cost effective solution for your automation needs. These relatively uncomplicated machines are considered the work horse of the Proco product line. The modular design provides maximum flexibility.

The Deflasher can be supplied as part of a complete automation package, or as an individual unit. It can run in-line or be manually fed.

The Deflasher punch is a heavy duty mechanism designed to remove the flash on various containers from just a few ounces up to 5 gallons. Guide rods ensure accurate alignment of the punch tool during the deflashing operation.

The punch mechanism is mounted on vertical guides to permit the whole mechanism to be adjusted vertically and an embedded scale provides reference for accurate placement. The punch is driven by a 3 inch diameter air cylinder. This large cylinder can produce up to 700 lbs of force to remove large, difficult flashes easily.

Proco Automatic Deflasher for large container

Proco Deflasher with Reaming Station

Proco Industrial Deflasher for Large Container