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Automatic Deflasher/Trimmer


The Proco Automatic deflasher and Pneutrim-plus deflasher are the ultimate solutions for the plastic industry. Their advanced technology is engineered to help manufacturers reduce labour costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency.

The Proven design of the Proco Automatic Deflasher and Pneutrim- Plus deflasher allows for seamless integration with a wide range of blow molding situations with only minimal adjustments. The robotic Deflasher punch is a heavy-duty machine designed to remove the flash on various containers from just a few ounces to up to 5 gallons.

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Setting up the Ultratest is extremely easy and can be integrated into various blow molding and plastic production lines. Its design configurations allow it to be integrated into even the most challenging product situations, providing accurate leak testing for a variety of containers.

The Ultratest's eye-level control console is fixed in the same position regardless of conveyor height, ensuring easy access to the controls for set-up and monitoring. A manual test pushbutton conveniently situated on the touch screen allows quality control personnel to check the system for test integrity periodically.

Proco's Ultratest Leaktester is an ideal solution for the blow molding and plastic industry, offering unparalleled quality control and reliability in your production process. Choose the Ultratest to maximize your production speed while ensuring the highest level of quality control in your blow molding and plastic production lines.

Heavy-duty rods to ensure accurate alignment of the punch tool during the deflashing operation. The automated punch mechanism is mounted on vertical guides to permit the whole mechanism to be easily adjusted vertically, and an embedded scale provides a reference for accurate placement. The standard system includes a built-in scrap conveyor, and an optional tail detabber is available; Structural Aluminum and Lexan safety guard enclosures ensure operator safety.

The deflasher can be supplied as part of a complete automation package or as an individual unit, and it can run in-line or be manually fed. The Pneutrim Plus is a bigger and more robust version of the Proco Deflasher line and can handle much larger containers. The Pneutrim Plus can also be configured to deflash multiple containers simultaneously, thereby substantially increasing production rates with one single deflashing unit.

From small containers to 5-gallon large containers

Automatic Deflasher System includes:

  • Enhanced Deflash Technology
  • Heavy Duty Deflasher Cylinder
  • Inbuilt Scrap conveyo
  • Inbuilt Tail Detabber
  • Inbuilt Shoulder and Top flash remova
  • New upgraded PLC controls
  • Large HMI
  • Kwick change tooling changeovers

Optional Upgrades

  • Faster cycle time with Servo upgrade
  • Inline Leak Tester

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