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Environment Policy

Proco Machinery Inc. appreciates the current trends and global initiatives in achieving a safe and healthy environment. We realize our responsibility to participate and contribute to control pollution.

All employees, working in harmony as one team, commit us to prevent pollution and continually improve, monitor and maintain the improved environment in and around our workplace through –

  • Creation of general environmental awareness amongst all employees and other interested parties
  • Introduction of environment management systems in our operations
  • Minimization of wastes such as scrap
  • Conservation of resources and basic amenities (such as raw material, water, fuel, electricity and compressed air) through recovery and recycling as applicable
  • Prevention of pollution through minimization of emissions, effluents and solid wastes
  • Strive to make products environment friendly
  • Ensuring safety, health and hygiene of all the employees
  • Compliance with all the legal/regulatory requirements as applicable