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  • Two Burner Flame Treater
  • Four Burner Flame Treater
  • Special three Burner (for Top Neck Flame Treating)

Proco Leak Tester Features:

  • Stainless steel conveyor
  • Spark ignition system.
  • Two photo electric sensors.
  • Product through flame area timer.
  • Product backup timer.
  • Remote Stop/Start buttons.
  • Container Turning Device.
  • E-Stop
  • Unit on caster wheels.
  • Proximity sensor for reading Conveyor Start/Stop.
  • Safety Door guards with inter locking
  • Range Hood
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Laser Sensor for fire alarm

Container Size: Container Size:From 5 oz to large 50gallon

Line speed* –upto 250 bpm

UPGRADE Available

  • Inbuilt Extended Stainless Steel conveyor
  • Flex Type Heat Resistance Chain Conveyor with 15 deg bends for continues flow
  • Top Neck Flame Treating for Large Poly-Carbonate(PC) containers

Controls and Program

  • Advanced PLC and large touch screen HMI interface.
  • Simplicity of operation.
  • Quick change over from one job to the next.

All Proco Flame Treaters are equipped with automatic ignition controls that ignite the flame only when required.This results in huge energy savings which will directly result in lower operating costs. In addition to the automatic ignition, Proco Flame Treaters have built in safety features with safety guards, smoke alarm, fire alarm and Stainless Steel conveyor Chain.

Electronic sensors monitor the flow of containers in and out of the flame area to ensure there is no container stopped in the flaming area.

Proco Flame Treating technology spans for more than three decades experience and hundreds of units in the market. Whether you are flaming just two sides of a container or the full circumference, Proco has a system to fulfill your needs.

Flame Treater Inter-Locking safety door

Proco Flame Treater with Stailess Steel Belt

Proco Flame Treater with steel belt and interlocking doors

Proco Flame Treater

Container Turning Mechanism

Proco Flame Treater