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Proco Take-Out System for Nissei - ASB blow molding machine


The Proco Take-Out system for Nissei ASB machines is the ideal solution for removing your containers from the blow molding machine and placing them onto a conveyor system for further processing. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, the Proco PetPik Take-Out system is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of your blow molding production process.

The Proco PetPik system can be easily adjusted to suit a wide variety of container shapes and sizes, making changeover simple and hassle-free. The system features Kwick-change tooling for quick and easy adjustment, as well as special docking brackets that enable easy access to the molding machine.

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Proco Take-Out system includes the latest Proco technology, such as Servo X- Axis and Servo –Y-Axis, as well as a pre-form reject chute, integral Kwick Change tooling to match IBM Cavity, new upgraded PLC controls, large HMI, alarm for faults and operator indicator, docking mounting plate, safety door and interlocks, and an integrated infeed conveyor.

In addition to these features, the Proco PetPik system offers optional upgrades such as an inbuilt vacuum conveyor and an inline leak tester, which can further enhance the efficiency and quality of your production process.

The Proco PetPik Take-Out system integrates seamlessly with ASB DPW and DPH machines, both single-row and dual-row, and can match the blow molding cycle speed to optimize the efficiency of your production line. With its simple operation, quick and easy setup, and advanced features, the Proco PetPik Take- Out system is the perfect solution for your Nissei ASB machine

The Proco PetPikTake-Out system is a unique, simple yet effective method of taking PET containers from Nissie ASB blow machine and placing them oriented onto a conveyor system ready for further processing such as leak testing, labeling or automated packaging.

Proco PetPik is a simple yet cost effective Take-Out solution. The PetPik are adjusted to suit a wide variety of containers shapes and sizes. Kwick-change tooling makes the changeover very simple and easy.

Special Docking brackets ensure that the Petpik can be easily moved to provide access to the molding machine. These features combined with the eye level PLC control panel will ensure operational advantage using Proco Petpik.

Cycle Speed is to match with blow molding cycle

Proco System includes

  • Latest Proco Take out System Technology feature
  • Servo -X Axis
  • Servo –Y Axis
  • Pre-Form reject chute
  • Integral Kwick Change tooling to match IBM Cavity
  • New upgraded PLC controls
  • Large HMI
  • Alarm for faults and operator indicator
  • Docking mounting plate
  • Safety door and interlocks
  • Integrated infeed conveyor

Optional Upgrades

  • Inbuilt Vacuum conveyor
  • Inline Leak Tester

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