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Robopik Take-Out System

Robopik Take-Out system

Proco Machinery's Robopik take-out machine is a patented product that provides a fully integrated solution for the plastic industry, specifically for use with Bekum blow molding machines.

The Robopik system accurately removes newly formed containers from Bekum blow molding machines and incorporates deflashing,leaktesting, and neck trimming functionalities.

The Robopik system is specifically designed for use with Bekum models, including the H111, H121, H151, H155, H202, and Fisher FHB104, FHB106,and FHB15/2.

By seamlessly integrating the secritical functions into one system, the Robopik machine drastically reduces the need for manual labor, which saves time and reduces costs while improving quality and efficiency.

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The Robopik take-out machine from Proco Machinery is an advanced automation system that streamlines the blow molding process. Once a container is formed using a blow molding machine, the Robopik automated system uses its patented technology to remove the container quickly and accurately from the mold. The machine's advanced sensors and programming ensure precise positioning and handling of each container, minimizing the risk of damage or defects.

In addition to take-out, the Robopik system can also perform additional functions, including deflashing, leak testing, and neck trimming. The machine's fully integrated design allows for seamless integration with a range of blow molding machines.

This versatility and flexibility make the Robopik take-out machine an essential tool for optimizing the blow molding process and increasing efficiency in the plastic industry.

Optional Upgrades

  • 41 Years of Quality and Reliability within the industry.
  • Uses state-of-the-art Servo technology.
  • Advanced PLC-based system with HMI Touch Screen Control.
  • Up to 6 servo axes depending on your needs.
  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • Quick interchangeable Tooling.
  • Job data stored within the system.
  • Inbuilt Detabber for tail removal
  • Inbuilt Scrap Conveyor for easy waste management
  • Easy to install.
  • Cavitation of up to 16 cavities (8 on each side)
  • From small 2 oz container to large container / F-Style / 2.5 Gallon.
  • Robopik exit conveyor can be integrated with Proco Packaging line, including Case Packer, Palletizers
  • Optional upgrades available,including inbuilt deflasher,inline Leak tester, flametreater, Spin dome trimmer and Tumble Pack.
  • Patented 90-Degree Pick and Place mechanism.


Proco Robopik with inline Pneutrim Deflasher

Proco Robopik Take out system with 90 Degree
Pick and Place Mechanism

Proco Robopik Take out System handling Tottle Containers – Five Servo Axis System
Including Leak Tester for Tottle Container