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  • Mail addressinfo@procomachinery.com

Service Department

Proco Machinery has highly trained, skilled and dedicated service team headed by our Technical Services Manager. Our qualified Service Team is Professional and Friendly in their approach and will provide you with the answers you require on the Installation and Training of your equipment.

We provide complete site Installation, Technical Support and on-site/off-site Training for our equipment.

Technical Support

Our Service Technicians are available to take your calls if you require any Technical Support. In most cases we can resolve the issues over the phone and provide you with the solutions.

Our newer machines have Remote Access exchange data, via high speed Mechatrolink-II, and our Service Technician can even monitor the machine operation from our office and solve the problems, which will save your valuable time and money.

In case of an emergency, and if our Field Technician is required at your site, we can arrange to send our technician within 24 hours.

For further information, please contact Service Department at 905-602-6066, or email service@procomachinery.com