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Ultratest Leak Tester



  • Single Head
  • Four Head
  • Two Head
  • SIx Head
  • Three Head
  • Others –Specia

Proco Leak Tester Features:

  • High Speed Leak Testing
  • Self-Calibration, Self-testing, sensitivity adjustment, leak calibration
  • Quality Assurance Leak checker
  • Easy Set-up , with Auto and manual setting feature
  • Container reject verification
  • Eye level controls
  • Portability
  • Multi test head system
  • Wide range of containers
  • Optional Vacuum Feature for infeed belt conveyor
  • Complies with all safety standards
  • Individual bottle count for each test head

Container Size:From Small one oz to large 10 gallon

Line speed* –upto 250 bpm

Controls and Program
  • Advanced PLC and large touch screen HMI interface.
  • Simplicity of operation.
  • Quick change over from one job to the next.

UPGRADE Available
  • Inbuilt Vacuum conveyor
  • Flex Type Chain Conveyor with 15 deg bends
  • Swivel Test Heads
  • Angle Neck container Holding Mechanism for holding the neck during testing

Proco’s Ultratest Leaktester sets a new standard for quality control, ensuring the highest level of confidence for you and your customers.

Other features such as self-calibration, leak calibration, self-testing, manual testing, sensitivity adjustment, eye level controls, hand-wheel height adjustments, and optional conveyor configurations all add-up to make the Ultratest the most versatile system available.

Proco Technology recognizes that the demand for quality has never been greater than it is today. For this reason, our research and development department has personnel exclusively dedicated to producing the best, most advanced yet cost effective systems to serve your most demanding applications.

The Ultratest Leaktester is the finest available, and is supported by Proco’s thirty five years of expertise in blow molding automation!

*Depending on container size and test head

Proco 4 Head Leak Tester with special container tooling

Tapered bottle leak tester