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Robotic Take-Out System for Large Containers

Robotic Take-Out System For Large Containers

Simple and Effective Take-Out and Trimmer for Large Containers.

  • Handle both Necks up & Necks down containers.
  • Container Size up to 5 gallons
  • Removes Tail Flash and Shoulder Flash
  • PLC based Touch Screen Control panel
  • Job data storage for easy recall
  • Easy user friendly control system
  • Quick and Easy Change over
  • Minimum Maintenance

Proco Articulated Robot Take-Out system is the most advanced Take-Out system for orienting and Deflashing Large Containers.

The Proco Take-Out and Deflashing System are supplied with a fully Integrated Articulated Robotic Take-Out. This Robotic feature will remove the large containers from the molding machine in either a necks-up or necks-down orientation.

The containers once removed from the mould are placed in a necks-up orientation into the deflashing tooling where the top flash, tail flash and handle flash are removed.

Optional Integrated Features:

  • Flame Treating
  • Neck Brandishing
  • Leak Testing
  • Weight Checking